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  Automatic operation of the filter system university
Definition  virtual library
Controllers programmable logical
Wireless networks
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Electronic learning program
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Mail application procedure
Social networks
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Official fourm of the university of university of mosul
Principle of management with focus on business
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( About Center )

About center
The internet and computer center has been established in Mosul university in 1972 by name(electronic computers)in the beginning establish in north region in Iraq ,in despite of the modest possibilities elerated  to the highest level in the computer inside the country at that time  the activities of the center was dissemination of the basic concepts  for the electronics computers inside the university and community which has completed many projects of post graduate master and doctoral students through the central computers type 130  IBM in 1978 which has been installed a huge computer type Honul the constituents of the centers success  and continue the professional staff through training inside and outside the country to become a superstar in the skies of Arab university  and contains different sections and network  computer with special possibilities and enters  the personal computer s into work  the center began distribute this type of computers inside the university and become the advisory center throughout the profficinal staff, in the end of 1989  and the center computer began depend completely on the personal computers  and networks owned  the computer center building in the center of compus  consist of three floors integrated and furnished from foreign destination ,seemed the cooling system and fire fighting  and specialized  devices and equipment in his work but after the last war the center exposure to the mass distraction 11/4/2013 which was burn completely with support from the university and scientific staff and many specializations softwareengineering in order to improve there works To reach the aims
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